(u;la la)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And now, on your left... Booh!

There is a perverse pleasure to be had in scaring people. We are all given this licence around Halloween and most of us take it heartily. How thrilling and satisfying when our little pranks work! What a childish pride overcomes us when we hear “Wow! Cool costume!”

Of course Oulala Productions couldn't resist to join in the act; it all started thanks to a discussion with Noel French over lunch at the Swift Festival, back in June. An idea thrown between a spoonful of Pavlova and a dose of David Heap (as a brilliant Jonathan Swift). The rest is history.

The finale of our tour... Yes. There is a girl in there.

And that is precisely our twist on the Halloween scare prank; no matter how cheap the frights or how fake the limbs, we wanted our tour to be both fun and interesting. And we wanted the town as our playground... we wanted audience and participants alike to discover these streets and their secret past. To learn something between the screams and the jumps.

Now, I don't know if the level of perversity is measured by the scale of the “prank”, or the time it takes to set it up. Or is it by the number of accomplices? The number of victims? All I know is that it was a huge pleasure (perverse or not) to see the impact it had on our willing victims. And their feedback both during and after the tour are not doing any favours to our egoes... we even got phonecalls and messages from people who travelled from faraway kingdoms (namely Blanchardstown and Kildare), two days after the tour, to thank us for the experience. And me who thought they were calling to sue us!!

But enough with the bragging. Time to put the spiders back in their box, to put out the fire under the Witch and to become good again.

Oulala is done with the Halloween duty of frights,
Christmas is on its way, it's time to create delights!