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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Follow the little white ball...

Last year, Meath Tourism and Meath Economic Development & Innovation approached us to realise a short video promoting the many activities the county has to offer around the time of The Solheim Cup 2011 and all year round.

The resulting film, produced in association with Supernova Productions, follows the Meath Tourism golf ball around our stunning sites and attractions: taking off at Killeen Castle with professional player Hazel Kavannagh, the little ball bounces on to the Newgrange site were tourists happily throw it on its way to the Fairyhouse Racecourse. There, the Irish Grand National is in full swing and the ball lands in front of Meath horse Garden Market. A young stable boy picks it up and the ball flies off again, bouncing from Trim Canoe Club, to Bective where Paul from Anglers World in Navan fishes it out, to a romantic lunch Brabazon Restaurant at Tanckardstown, followed by a beach roll in front of The Cottages at Bettystown. The cheeky ball pays a visit to punters and renowned Meath musicians Emmett Vaughan, MacDara and Micheál Ó Raghallaigh in Brogan's Bar, Trim. On its way out, our little hero is given a might good shot by Rosalie McCormack, a lady who has been a member of Trim various golf clubs since 1936! Finally, it is caught in mid-air by Joe Leahy from Ballooning Ireland, who gently drops it on the green of Killeen Castle Golf Course for a last winning hit by Hazel.

The film, written & directed by Delphine Coudray and beautifully photographed by Bertrand Lassallette-Desnault, took a month to shoot on location and wouldn't haven't been possible without the precious help from the venues and groups mentioned above, including Trim Drama Group and Bernard Caldwell. Last but not least, the sensational new band Henrietta Game brought the final touch to the film with their musical soundtrack “28 Hours” from their latest album "Black Ship".

You can see the video on the Meath Tourism Website www.meath.ie/tourism/ or Youtube page www.youtube.com/user/meathtourismIreland or follow the links on www.oulalaproductions.com

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